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Chatfield Engineers, P.C. provides responsive, high-quality civil and municipal engineering services to over fifty municipalities and other governmental agencies.

We understand the needs of communities and have put together an enthusiastic team of professionals to assist our clients with a wide-range of vital public projects.

In addition to general civil and municipal engineering, our services include water treatment facilities, wastewater treatment systems, storm management, sub-division review, road design, bridge reconstruction, parks and recreations facilities, planning board assistance and long range planning.

Our vast experience results in lower construction costs and fewer change orders. Our firm size and our quality control/quality assurance program allow us to maintain lower overhead, which results in lower engineering fees.


Chatfield Engineers, P.C. serves as Town or Village Engineer for over fifty municipalities in the Upstate New York area, offering a wide range of services. Our skilled engineers will assist you through the planning, design and construction phases of your project.

Chatfield Engineers, P.C. provides responsive, high-quality civil and municipal engineering services to over fifty municipalities and other governmental agencies in the Finger Lakes and Western New York areas, offering a wide range of services.

Our skilled engineers will assist you through the planning, design and construction phases of your project. Our firm size matches the needs of the communities that we serve. Our personal attention to every detail of a project provides our clients with peace of mind and complete satisfaction.

Water Distribution Systems

Our water distribution system projects have ranged from rural water district extensions to replacement of densely developed village and town water systems. We continually look for ways to leverage grant and loan funding from multiple sources, and our familiarity with funding agencies streamlines the process.

Water Distribution System Projects have included:

  • Water district formation
  • Water distribution systems and transmission lines
  • Water storage tanks
  • Booster pump stations
  • Pressure reducing vaults, meter pits and other water system appurtenances.
  • Creek crossings, canal crossings and railroad crossings
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Water Treatment Systems

Our water treatment system projects have included small water treatment systems and large community water treatment plants, often solving serious problems associated with groundwater under the direct influence of surface water (GWUDISW).

Water Treatment Projects have included:

  • Slow rate and high rate sand filter treatment plants
  • Membrane filtration plants
  • Diatomaceous earth filtration plants
  • Bag and cartridge filtration plants
  • Chlorination and ultra Violet disinfection system improvements
  • Volatile organic compound (VOC) removal facilities
  • Methane removal facilities
  • Zebra mussel facilities
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Wastewater Treatment and Collection Systems

Our wastewater treatment and collection system projects have included individual septic systems, wastewater treatment plants serving large communities, new sanitary sewer and rehabilitation of existing sewer systems.

Wastewater Treatment and Collection System Projects have included:

  • Upgrading existing wastewater treatment plants
  • New wastewater treatment plant construction
  • Ultra Violet disinfection systems
  • Sewer district formation
  • Large capacity sewage pump stations
  • Individual grinder pump stations
  • Wet weather treatment systems
  • Infiltration/Inflow Studies
  • Sewer system evaluation studies
  • Sewer smoke testing
  • Sewage sludge dewatering
  • Composting and landspreading
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Storm Water and Erosion Control

We commonly review development plans that may have a significant impact on the surrounding environment. We review those plans with close attention to the proposed storm water systems and erosion control measures.

Storm Water and Erosion Control Projects have included:

  • Stream and creek clearing projects
  • Storm sewer installations
  • Storm water detention ponds
  • Storm water hydraulic analysis
  • Shore bank protection
  • Dams and reservoirs
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP’s)
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Road Design and Bridge Reconstruction

Our road and bridge reconstruction projects have included parking lot construction, complete road rehabilitation, bridges and large diameter culvert replacements. Many of the road and bridge reconstruction projects require the relocation of utilities and coordination with various agencies and residents of the community.

Road and Bridge Projects have included:

  • Complete road reconstruction
  • Parking lot reconstruction
  • Improving traffic flow and reconfiguring intersections
  • Pre-cast concrete bridge culvert installations
  • Relocation of existing utilities
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Other Municipal Services

As a full service municipal consulting engineering firm, we provide a wide variety of services.

Municipal Engineering Services include:

  • Parks and recreational facilities
  • Municipal facilities
  • Salt storage buildings
  • Capital Improvement Planning (CIP’s)
  • Sub-division plan review
  • Planning board services
  • Construction specifications and development regulations
  • Water rate studies
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Our extensive experience with municipal capital projects and preparing high quality plans and specifications means lower costs and fewer surprises.


With over 25 years of municipal engineering experience, Chatfield Engineers, P.C. has completed hundreds of public works projects.

Each project is individually managed by one of the firm’s principals. Our personal attention to details provides a comfort level for our clients, knowing that the entire process will be completed economically and within the timeframes established.

Bergen Highway Building

Bergen Highway Building

The 13,000-square foot Highway Department Garage replaced and existing garage which was beyond its period of usefulness and no longer met the needs of the Town Highway Department. It increased efficiency, increased storage and workspace. The new garage includes 9 truck bays, offices, driveway, sidewalks, a 6 car parking lot and a detention pond.

Albion Canal Park

Albion Canal Park

The Village of Albion received grant funding from the US HUD Canal Corridor Initiative. Chatfield Engineers, P.C. worked closely with the Village of Albion Village Board, DPW, and the Canal Committee to prepare a Canal Park Improvement Plan, which serves the needs of the community and the recreational boaters along the Erie Canal.

Village of Corfu CIP

Village of Corfu CIP

The purpose of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) was to examine and evaluate existing conditions of the Village of Corfu's infrastructure. This CIP outlined general and specific recommendations to assist the Village in planning of capital improvements. This study concentrated on the following four areas of the Village's infrastructure: Sanitary Sewer Collection and Treatment System, Drainage System, Streets and Roadway System, and Buildings and Grounds.

Town of Gaines Bridge Replacement

Town of Gaines Bridge Replacement

A 12 feet wide x 38.5 feet long pre-cast concrete bridge culvert was selected due to lower installation costs, ease of construction, long term durability, and the low lifecycle costs. Chatfield Engineers, P.C. prepared the Plans and Specifications for replacement of the bridge and relocation of utilities, and provided Construction Phase Services, and Inspection Services. This project was completed in a timely manner and received funding through the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) as part of an emergency appropriation of funds.

Town of Albion Salt Storage Building

Town of Albion Salt Storage Building

The Salt Storage Facility is capable of storing approximately 2,500 tons of salt and sand mixture. The facility was completed in 1999 for a total project cost of $100,000. This project required close coordination with the Highway Departments, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, who provided funding and other municipal officials.

Village of Albion Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

Village of Albion Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

Chatfield Engineers, P.C. provided the Design and Construction Phase Engineering Services for the Village of Albion Water Treatment Plant Upgrade. The project consisted of several contracts as follows: Filter Upgrade for 2.4-MGD Rapid Sand Filter Plant, Replacement of Electrical Control System and SCADA System, Window and Door Replacement at WTP and Booster Pump Station, Three (3) new Emergency Power Generators (100 kW to 300 kW), Heating and Ventilation Improvements at WTP and BPS #1, Precipitator Painting (including removal of lead based paint).

Village of Albion Booster Pump Station

Village of Albion Booster Pump Station

The pump station consisted of replacing existing pumps, motors, piping, electrical controls and instrumentation for operating the booster pump station remotely from the Village of Albion WTP, and installation of an emergency power generator.

Village of Nunda 300,000 Gal. Water Storage Tank

Village of Nunda 300,000 Gal. Water Storage Tank

This project was located at the Village of Nunda Water Treatment Plant site, immediately adjacent to the existing 400,000 gallon water storage tank. The project also included abandonment of the existing open topped concrete storage tank, installation of a meter/valve vault, miscellaneous site piping, and construction of a retaining wall. This project was completed in a timely fashion and within budget. The new water storage tank significantly increased the water system storage and reliability. The water storage tank was placed into service prior to the Village of Nunda Water System Emergency at the raw water reservoir, and provided the necessary capacity, while the emergency repairs were made. Without the new 300,000 gallon water storage tank, the Village of Nunda would have been completely out of potable water during the emergency.

Town of Ridgeway Water Districts

Town of Ridgeway Water Districts

Chatfield Engineers, P.C. provided Design and Construction Phase Services for several new Water Districts within the Town of Ridgeway. These Projects also included: Preliminary Engineering Services, Water District Formation and Resident, and Inspection Services. Each project was carefully analyzed and planned for future extension of the water mains to serve additional areas. Several of the projects included major creek crossings, boring and directional drilling across streams, Barge Canal and State Highways, meter pits, pressure reducing valves, and other water system appurtenances.

Village of Holley Wastewater Treatment Plant

Village of Holley Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Village of Holley Village Board and Department of Public Works embarked upon an aggressive operation and maintenance program to minimize and/or eliminated excessive infiltration and inflow, improved the flow characteristics, separated storm sewer interconnections from the sanitary sewer system and constructed new storm sewers in various areas throughout the village.

Town of Penfield Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing

Town of Penfield Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing

The Penfield Sewer Department operates and maintains an estimated 110 miles of sanitary sewer mains and 12 pump stations, which serve approximately 9,000 homes and businesses. Approximately 43,000 Linear Feet (over 8 miles) of sanitary sewer was successfully smoke tested by setting up the blower at 66 locations. As the result of smoke testing, many sources of inflow were identified. We recommended that the Town of Penfield follow up with the problems identified during the smoke testing, further investigate the manhole conditions, and continue smoke testing in other areas in the future.

Village of Albion Moore Street Storm Sewers

Village of Albion Moore Street Storm Sewers

This project consisted of the installation of approximately 5,000 linear feet of 18” to 36” diameter storm sewer, manholes, catch basins, and other miscellaneous appurtenances to serve the residents of the Moore Street, Joseph Street, and Knapp Street area.


Chatfield Engineers staff is well rounded with engineering and construction experience. Each of our design staff members have either worked in construction or served as a resident project representative on various public works projects. This on-site experience has created value added service to our project designs.

A practical hands on approach is taken to each project with a solution that best meets the needs of the client.

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