Albion and Barre Joint Water Project

Chatfield Engineer’s first project was the construction phase for the Joint Water Project for the Town of Barre Water District No. 1, the Village of Albion 16” transmission line and 3.0 MG water storage tank and the Town of Albion Water District No. 3 Project.  This was a combined effort between the three municipalities and consisted of multiple contracts, work by the town and village forces and coordination with three municipal boards.

The project consisted of the following:

  • 25,000 linear feet of 8” & 12” water main for the Town of Barre Water District No. 1.
  • 7,500 linear feet of 12” water main for the Town of Albion Water District No. 3.
  • 7,400 linear feet of 16” water main for the Village of Albion.
  • 150,000-gallon elevated Water Storage Tank to serve the Towns of Barre and Albion.
  • 0 million-gallon pre-stressed concrete Water Storage Tank.
  • Abandonment of two (2) water storage tanks for the Village of Albion.
  • Booster Pump Station to serve the Towns of Barre and Albion.

The water main installation work was completed by the Barre and Albion Town Highway Departments and the Village of Albion Department of Public Works.  The construction effort was led by Joe Grabowski, Barre Town Highway Superintendent.  Chatfield Engineers provided the day-to-day construction administration of the seven (7) contracts.

I remember many days and nights running around to get original signatures of documents from each Town Supervisor and Village Mayor in preparation for approval by the three municipal boards.  In those days, fax machines were in their infancy and signed original documents were necessary by the funding agency.  Scanning documents or emailing was not even on the horizon at the time.

There were many evenings of meetings with the three municipal boards working out the details of the project in an effort to create a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario for each community.  I believe that we achieved just that; a successful project that mutually benefited all parties equally and provided the necessary infrastructure for expansion of water within each community.

I tip my hard hat to those dedicated municipal officials, working together for a common cause of providing their constituents with needed public water.  That was a spirit of cooperation not often seen.

We started working on the preliminary plans for these projects back in the late 1980’s while I was working at Larsen Engineers and we completed construction of all improvements by 1993.


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