Chatfield Engineers 25 Year Anniversary

The old saying is true “time flies when you are having fun”.

We at Chatfield Engineers are celebrating our 25th year in business.  Thanks to our dedicated staff and our especially dedicated clients we have grown each year.

Many of the original clients are still with us today.  Clients that we have been serving since 1992 include:

Town of Albion                   Town of Barre                              Town of Caledonia

Town of Carlton                  Town of Darien                             Village of Brockport

Village of Oakfield               Monroe County Pure Waters           Village of Albion

We started in business on June 1, 1992, exactly nine years to the date that I had started my engineering career at Larsen Engineers.  I owe a deep sense of gratitude to the Principals at Larsen Engineers who provided me the foundation of serving our clients with respect and professionalism.  Dick Passero was my mentor in those days and he provided stern guidance at times and confidence in my abilities.

Making the decision to step out on my own consumed many sleepless nights contemplating and planning the start of our firm.  Many folks do not know it, but Dick Passero gave me the approval to contact the communities that I had been working with and to invite them to come along with me.  Dick was that kind of a person.  In his heart, I believe he knew that the relationships had already been cemented and more importantly he knew that the clients would be in good hands with me.  To this day, I have never taken that gift lightly and continue to serve our clients with the utmost respect and attention to their needs.

JP Schepp joined the firm within the first few weeks of being in business and has been a rock steady business partner ever since.

Those early days, running a business meant going out in the field for design of projects and construction inspections, fire flow tests, and other field work; only to come back to the office, change into dress clothes and off to a Town or Village Board Meeting.  The end of the month meant bills had to go out.  Into the early morning hours, I would prepare the bills, copy them and mail them out so we would have enough money to survive another month.  The days turned into night, the weeks turned into months, and the years turned into decades.  We worked hard to get the jobs done.  That same attitude exists today with our dedicated staff.

We created our original web site about 10 years ago and have recently launched a new mobile friendly version of the Chatfield Engineers Website.

I invite you to visit our website at and to visit our Facebook page at

As always you can call me at the office 585-227-6040 or by cell at 585-506-6059.  I would love to hear from you.


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